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How Much is My House Worth

How Much is My House Worth

Would you like to find out the value of your property? Cribs Estate offers an online valuation service that can help you understand the worth of your house. You can get an instant and free valuation report for your home by answering a few simple questions, including your postcode. The value of your house is determined by various factors, which are explained below.

Factors that can affect your house worth

Many factors, i.e., primary or secondary, can affect your house's value. It is important to know these factors while finalising your house's worth for sale. You can fix issues if found during the survey, or you can also adjust these flaws with the asking price. Some factors that can affect your house's worth are the number of bedrooms, size and age of your property, lawn, garage, structural integrity, and recently completed renovation, extension, or loft conversion in your house. 

Besides these factors, many other local factors can affect your house worth, i.e., schools, hospitals, markets, infrastructure, crime rate, transport link, and demographics. These factors make a visible difference in your house pricing in London. 

How to get a house valuation

To get an estimate of your house's worth in London, you can opt for online valuation or invite a team of surveyors to your home. If you choose an online house valuation, you will get a rough calculation of your property’s worth. Contrary to this, you can also call the team of experts who will inspect your property closely and then give you a better house valuation. 

For online house valuation, you just have to put in some primary data about your property, and you will get the answer to your question: how much is my house worth? 


By choosing online house valuation, you can get the following edges:

No need to wait for the surveyor

You can get instant house valuation as the process is 100% online. You do not have to wait for long. Our instant online valuation feature will give you an estimate of your house value as soon as possible.

100% accuracy

At Cribs Estates, we use updated market data and advanced algorithms to calculate your property’s worth. We do not base our calculations on estimations or any guesswork.

Free online valuation

We do not charge a single penny for online house valuation services. You can get your online instant house valuation as often as possible. 

100% online

There is no need to book your appointment to get your house valuation online. You can avail of our online house valuation service whenever you want.

How online house valuation works

The process of house valuation is quite simple. The following steps are involved in completing the process of online house valuation. 

  • You put your basic information about your property into our property valuation form.

  • Our property valuation calculator analyses the current market value of your property.

  • In the end, you get the estimated house worth of your property. We can also connect you with our experts if you want more details. 

Book a free in-person house valuation in London

Our experts are desperately waiting to answer your questions regarding selling your property and give you more information about how much your house is actually worth. They will provide you with the best advice while considering your house condition, like whether you should consider renovating your home before selling it or adjusting the flaws while finalising the house price. Our professionals have done the same steps many times for multiple clients you are looking for now. Don't wait anymore; get your free instant house valuation with Cribs Estates. If you want to know more about your house's worth or sell it, feel free to contact us at +44 2034 4115 71 or



Are the online house valuations accurate?

Online house valuations give you a rough estimate of your house's worth because the algorithm cannot consider factors that affect the house value, like property condition, location, demographics, age and size of property. 

What does a surveyor check for a valuation?

The surveyor looks at the structural integrity of your house, and they will assess the market demand of your property type after evaluating it. 

How do I increase my house worth?

Regular maintenance is crucial for increasing your house value. Additionally, you can renovate your house, consider house extension and loft conversions, and add energy-efficient appliances to your home.


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