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Will I Attract More Tenants As An Eco-Friendly Landlord in London?

More people in London are starting to recognise the importance of becoming more green, and here at Cribs Estates Ltd , we’re increasingly seeing prospective tenants who are interested in renting an eco-friendly property.

Yet, there aren’t many landlords out there who are keen to embrace a more environmentally-aware approach to letting. It seems, then, that there’s a definite gap in the market for anyone eager to take a green stance when renting out their property.

Why Do More Prospective Tenants Want An Eco-Friendly Property?

In many cases, renters in London are relatively young, typically within the age bracket of 25 to 34, which is precisely the demographic that is most concerned about today’s climate crisis. Those prospective tenants are keen to rent accommodation that has upgraded green credentials, thus allowing them to do their bit for the planet and reduce their carbon footprint.

Does An Eco-Friendly Property Bring Landlords Any Benefits?

It may seem that upgrading the green credentials of your rental property will cost more money than it could bring in, but in fact, there are some impressive benefits to taking the plunge:

  • Saving money. If you rent out your property inclusive of utility bills, making it more energy-efficient will reduce the amount that you pay to energy companies every year.
  • Higher rents. With more tenants looking for a green rental property, there will be more competition between them to secure the tenancy. That means you can charge more rent each month and boost your income.
  • Improved EPC rating. Landlords are already under increased pressure from the government to ensure their rental properties meet the minimum EPC rating standards, and these standards look set to tighten still further as we approach 2030. Upgrading your property to become more energy efficient now will save you money in the long run.

How Can I Make My Rental Property More Green?

Here are a few tips that we offer landlords to help make their rental properties more eco-friendly:

  • Install heating control systems that use smart technologies.
  • Increase the amount of insulation in the property – adding extra loft and cavity wall insulation can decrease energy bills significantly.
  • Install water-saving measures such as dual flush toilets, smart sprinklers, and water-saving showerheads.
  • Fit LED bulbs to all of the property’s light fittings and consider installing sensor lighting that only comes on when movement is detected in communal areas, outdoor spaces, or hallways.

These are just a few ways in which you can encourage more tenants to your rental accommodation by adopting a more environmentally conscious approach to leasing.

Would you like more information and advice about renting your home in London? Then please call the team at Cribs Estates Ltd on 0203 441 1571.

We see many clients who are interested in renting a more eco-friendly home, so why not help them find their perfect green property by giving your rental property an energy-efficient upgrade?


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