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Winter Home Decor Trends: Cosy and Inspirational Ideas for Your London Home

Those autumn leaves are falling, creating a carpet of gold and brown on the footpaths across London. The wind blows colder, and people are beginning to sport bobble hats, winter coats and woollen scarves.

It’s late autumn, which will of course lead into winter, and it’s a great time of the year to spruce up your home ready for the colder months ahead, creating a cosy home that you just want to spend time in and enjoy.

It’s fair to say that we absolutely love autumn and winter here at Cribs Estates Ltd , so we thought we would take a look at some seasonal trends to help you make your home nice and cosy – and of course look great for viewings if you are selling.

Prepare for the Footprints

First things first, you need to create a space where you, the kids, and the dog can come in out of the cold and mud, and not ruin your flooring or make a big mess! Whether it’s at the back door, or by the front door, this space will help you keep things clean.

It might be that you lay down a larger-than-normal doormat, or use a special covering to protect the carpet. You also may want to install hooks to you’re your coats up straight away.

Put your summer shoes away in a wardrobe and keep your winter footwear out. That way, you can minimise the clutter.

Winter Candles and Cones

Tell us, who doesn’t just love winter smells in the home? Candles are a low-cost way of creating a beautiful winter aroma in your house. Pop one in your halfway, or on a mantlepiece and you have something nice to look at and something delicious to smell too.

And don’t forget, if you have more than one candle, you won’t always need to have all the lights on to create an ambience.

Always make sure you blow your candles out before retiring for the night and be sure that they are placed away from furnishings and fabrics and out of the reach of children and pets.

Outside in, Naturally

When winter comes, leaves are on the ground, twigs are fallen, cones are lying on the path. Gather some up, after first checking that you’re not breaking any rules, and check there are no creepy crawlies hidden away!

The things you collect will make a beautiful natural display inside your home. When the cold weather kicks in, you’ll have some of the outside, indoors.

Don’t go overboard, as too much will look messy. The key is to create something simple and effective, giving a hint of the season. One or two small logs by the fireside will look really attractive.

Dine-in, in Style

Chances are, this year you’ll be spending more time at home. So, why not make your rooms a little bit more special. In the dining room, where you may typically just have a few mats on the table, create a cosy atmosphere by choosing a patterned tablecloth that has hints of autumnal colours. Napkins, again colourful, could be placed on the table, bringing style to the dining room.

There is an abundance of winter room settings in magazines and on the internet. Have a look and find something to your taste. With a bit of creativity, you can turn your house into a cosy winter home.

Lighten up

One thing people seem to do during winter is to switch all the lights on full beam! It really does not create a cosy living space. Yes, dark evenings mean light is needed earlier and earlier, but you don’t need it to be bright.

A standard lamp in a corner could provide the main light, with smaller lamps placed on tables in the living room. You should think about cosiness – softer lighting, rugs on the floor, maybe a throw or two on the sofa.

The atmosphere you create at home can help you through the long winter months. Take time to make it right for you and your loved ones.

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