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How Will The New Renters Reform Bill Help Tenants?

How Will The New Renters Reform Bill Help Tenants?

If you’re keen to rent a home or are an existing tenant in London, you’re probably aware of the latest Renters Reform Bill. After many years of discussion and speculation, plans have finally been released by the UK government to overhaul the private rental sector.

Published on 17 May 2023, the Renters Reform Bill proposes to help millions of tenants nationwide to find safe, fair, and high-quality housing that meets their needs. So, how will the Renters Reform Bill help tenants? And when will its reforms be implemented? Let’s take a closer look at what’s contained in the Renters Reform Bill and how it will effect the overall tenants in south west london and our tenants in wimbledon area.

What Is Included Within The Renters Reform Bill?

One of the most significant reforms outlined in the Bill is the outlawing of no-fault evictions. For many years, landlords have been using Housing Act Section 21 to evict tenants who have not broken their tenancy agreements or defaulted on their rental payments to rent the property to a new tenant at a higher rent.

These “no-fault” evictions have long caused problems for tenants who faced homelessness despite doing nothing wrong. The changes outlined in the Bill will enable tenants to challenge landlords with no fear of being evicted from the property.

Another significant change is that the tenant’s right to keep a pet will be increased. Once the Bill is passed into law, landlords will have to consider every tenant’s request for a pet and will be prevented from unreasonably refusing. In the event a tenant’s request is refused, they will have the right to challenge that decision.

Furthermore, the government plans to create an ombudsman who will enforce the changes in policy and resolve any low-level dispute between landlords and tenants quickly without having to take the matter to court.

What Legislation Will Be Added Onto The Renters Reform Bill At A Later Date?

To further improve the situation for renters, the government plans to add further legislation to the Renters Reform Bill later. This legislation includes provision to make all private rental properties meet the Decent Homes Standards and to increase rights for renting families on benefits and with children. It is likely to be proposed that it is made illegal for lettings agents and landlords to have a blanket ban on rentals to people who are receiving benefits or who have children.

Other Changes In The Bill That Will Affect Tenants

For tenants who display anti-social behaviour or miss rent payments repeatedly, the Renters Reform Bill looks set to simplify and speed the eviction process. It will also widen the range of harmful and disruptive activities that could result in eviction while reducing notice periods for tenants who damage the property or break their tenancy agreement. If landlords want to sell the property or move a family member or themselves into it, new grounds for repossession will also be introduced.

When Will The Renters Reform Bill Become Law?

The Renters Reform Bill must still go through several stages before being passed into law. It must first be heard in the House of Commons and the House of Lords and then receive Royal Assent. This process takes several months, so it’s unlikely the reforms will be implemented until next year.

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