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Brexit And EU Nationals Exit

Brexit And EU Nationals Exit

Brexit And EU Nationals Exit

A recent study of England’s rental markets finds that there was a major fall in the number of EU nationals applying for tenancies.

Since 2017 the percentage of EU nationals renting homes throughout England fell following the June 2016 referendum result.

A PropTech platform scrutinised a sample of 300,000 rental tenancy agreements across England between January2017 and November 2020 finding that between the two dates, numbers of EU nationals renting homes fell from 20% down to 14% of all renters.

International tenants from countries outside of the EU also fell from 13% to 11%,however the percentage of tenants with UK citizenship increased from 66% to 74%.

The study also highlighted that by 2019 just 16% of all tenants living in England were from the EU and UK nationals accounted for 71% of renters, with non-EU national tenants making up 12%.

Percentage of EU tenants fell by a further 2% to 14% by the end of 2020 and international tenants fell 1% to 11% of all renters living in England.

The capital has been affected most by the drop in foreign nationals renting homes, as in 2017 the average percentage of London tenants from the EU was 29% dropping to 22% by the end of last year.